Elder and Bloom specialises in  antique, vintage and period fine and costume jewelry, German and Austrian antique bridal tiaras and other wedding accessories, jewelry boxes and other unusual antique and vintage pieces. These lovely items are individually sourced from auction houses and private sellers across Europe.  There is a focus on Georgian, Victorian, Jugendstil, Art Nouveau, Edwardian and Art Deco items.

Elder and Bloom is based near the beautiful historical Roman city of Chester, England. 



Pippa Bear studied jewelry design and craftsmanship with the New York Jewelry Arts Institute and Gerber Studios, Berlin.

She is a student of The Gemological Institute of America and has her 'GIA Jewellery Essentials' and 'GIA Pearls' certificates. 

Elder and Bloom’s Mission is to enhance your life with beautiful historic treasures
— Pippa Bear, owner of Elder and Bloom

How it Began 

by Pippa Bear

In 2011, I moved from the USA to Berlin, Germany. I began spending my days exploring the flea-markets, auction houses and little shops all over the city. I became fascinated with Europe's rich cultural heritage and wanted to share the amazing treasures I came across with the world. I've always been a magpie and  fascinated by history, art and culture so it seemed I'd found my calling! I began to learn and write as much as I could and began to sell online under the name 'Pippa Tree' (You'll now find me as Elder and Bloom on Etsy).  

I focused on making contacts across Europe, including England, Germany, Austria, France and Spain. Being able to speak four languages helped although I do find it easier to buy a diamond ring in German than talk about the weather! (I am an American-British woman and my first language is definitely English!)

I now live near the historical, Roman city of Chester, England and the business has travelled with me. In 2016, I renamed it 'Elder and Bloom.'  

There is always something new to learn and each day brings joy and surprise and an opportunity to enhance someone's life with beautiful, historic treasures. Thank you for sharing this journey. 

With warmest wishes,

Pippa Bear